Thursday, October 19, 2017

Bill Whorrall Exhibits My Kind of Twisted Humor

 I have corresponded with Bill off and on for over 33 years and this is an example why receiving his art has never gotten stale. Bill, you keep me laughing! Thank you! We need this to counter balance all the news of disasters in the world and Washington, DC.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Australia Artists Book Fair - Inter DaDa 84 book was selected for the fair

Richard Tipping provided this great view of the fair. Click to enlarge this impressive image.

Volume 2017 - Jim Anderson was there at 5 in the afternoon on Friday (13th October) and took a few quick photos with the tables barely set up and the crowd arriving. The Fair continues through Saturday and Sunday. They say the big publishers are having a hard time. The small publishers are just having fun. You can have a book made on the spot, have your portrait taken, interviews, talks, videos, a seminar or two. For aficionados, not to be missed.

 Hi Ginny, thanks much for getting a copy of your book, Inter DaDa all the way from California in '84 to us in Australia in 2017 (a Network event crosses both the Millenial and the Date Lines making history that just won't die). The image was made for us by Jim Anderson, famous for Oz magazines and the Oz magazine trials in London when London was the centre of the action. Hope to send a few bits and pieces from Jim's megaphone (better than Donald's) into the grinder of your publicity machine. Best to you. terry reid

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