Sunday, December 28, 2014

San Francisco Art Institute Show

"It was quite a success overall for everyone! Even the school president came by and said it was great. The photographers are Dio Chen, Minoosh Zomorodinia, Eva Recinos, and Lisa Boling (me). Also all the graphic marketing stuff was designed by me, the photos in the marketing materials were taken by Alex Molinari." Lisa Boling, curator

The following are selections from my work:

 Art in Space - 1984 event/performance

DADA On Your Own performance - from Inter DADA 84


H'Art Attack reenacted - from Storefront project in 1981


Miami Update!

Keith arrived in Jupiter a few days early for a visit before our going down to Miami for the book fair. We performed both Sat and Sunday, sold books, and exhibited with a local group (Exile Books). Keith made it so much easier for me to get around. 


One of 2 ON-YOUR-OWN performances I installed at EXILE.

Amanda and Lauren watch as Keith performs.

We did several scores....this photo is of the Foam Book score near Yoko's wishes trees installation.
Keith getting the crowd's attention.

Photos by Ginny, Barbara, Lauren and Amanda.