Thursday, November 23, 2017

Richard Hambleton - 1952 to 2017

Scene from Blitzkunst taken in San Francisco 1979

Ginny Lloyd: Sorry to read about Richard's death. He stayed at my place in San Francisco for about a week as a favor for a gallery in town. I hardly saw him since he slept all day and was out all night working his magic on the city walls and pavement. I was beginning work on the book "Blitzkunst" so had the forethought to take this photo. I think it says a lot about Richard.

Monty Cantsin Amen: Thanks Ginny, I saved this. Whatever else comes to your mind pls message it, and if you see friends from mail-art or SF connection, etc, let them know I'm collecting memories, many thanks.

Ginny Lloyd: Thanks Monty for asking for my thoughts or other comments. In my conversations with Richard he had a plan and was determined to achieve stardom. He was handsome in a male model way and very intelligent. He talked about how he wanted a life about “wine, women and song”. 

Monty Cantsin Amen: That's a great pic you put up here. Richard was a good model. Do you have it in high res?  
Kazu Yanagi with Monty Cansin Amen - 1980

Ginny Lloyd: Yes I have one.  

Monty Cantsin Amen: I'm writing his biography. Let people know who might have comments.

Ginny Lloyd: The first time I saw the outlined image looking like a crime scene I hesitated to walk on it wondering what it was for. He liked to watch from a distance to see the reactions people had to this ‘scene”. His impromptu shadow paintings were popular after trying the paper posters. It was obvious he was a painter when you saw the shadow people. I believe he was in Brazil for a spell living the high life the last time I heard anything about him. Or maybe that was someone else. I don’t like the way the art world has shunned him instead of showing compassion. His story reads like a painter’s tale of a different era, like one of the gifted greats.

Note: There are several articles about Richard online. He was also part of Club 57, the club discussed in the previous post. In 2010 two rare Richard Hambleton pieces at the amfAR 17th Annual Cinema Against AIDS Gala During the Cannes Film Festival sold for $960,000.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Club 57 Catalog

Amy Chaiklin has done a good job keeping us informed. Thanks Amy!

The 1982 feminist group exhibition of all female artists is now documented and published in a museum exhibition catalog, Club 57 and the Short, Happy Life of the East Village Art Scene written by Laura Hoptman, MoMA Curator of Painting and Sculpture.

This exhibit has made Art History! 

 Also some additional people you may know exhibited there: Carlo Pittore, Buster Cleveland, john EvAns, Sur, and Brian Doherty. Mark Bloch got mentions too. Mark says its a very interesting show.


Art History! MoMA Curator Ron Magliozzi writes in his catalogue essay:

Art is What you Make it: Club 57 and the Downtown Scene, "Homemade zines and copy art proved among the most useful and accessible mediums of choice on the downtown scene, and exhibitions such as Watch These Girls: 19 Women Who Do Copy Art (October 14, 1982), curated by Amy Chaiklin, confirmed that women had taken the lead in shaping the medium's creative uses.".

MoMA Club 57 : Film, Performance, and Art in the East Village 1978-1983 Exhibition Catalog Page 16.

Image: Orginal poster for “Watch These Girls : 19 Women Who Do Copy Art”, offset print, 22 x 18 inches, 1982