Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fluxfest NYC - 2011

Again I was unable to attend a Fluxfest due to health and family. My mom died during this time so my energies and attention were not focused entirely on art. I was however able to participate in absentia via a new poster design and Catherine Bennett acted as my stand in for the Fluxus West induction. Don Boyd presided while the following were inducted:
Revich, Wood, Vassar, Kusina, Maltos, Campbell, Bennett (both John and Mehrl), Kinsey, Altemus, Wyndham, Touchon, Rutherford (Joshua and Jessica), Kosharek, Courtney, Sass, Sass-Hake, Gaglione (Picasso and Darlene Domel)

Induction Ceremony via Phone

Certificate of Induction

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Visual Poetry on Billboards in Duluth, MN

The show was held over the weekend of August 20-21. Take a look. If you want to see more images of other artists works visit Facebook; Billboard Art Project page.