Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fluxfest NYC - 2011

Again I was unable to attend a Fluxfest due to health and family. My mom died during this time so my energies and attention were not focused entirely on art. I was however able to participate in absentia via a new poster design and Catherine Bennett acted as my stand in for the Fluxus West induction. Don Boyd presided while the following were inducted:
Revich, Wood, Vassar, Kusina, Maltos, Campbell, Bennett (both John and Mehrl), Kinsey, Altemus, Wyndham, Touchon, Rutherford (Joshua and Jessica), Kosharek, Courtney, Sass, Sass-Hake, Gaglione (Picasso and Darlene Domel)

Induction Ceremony via Phone

Certificate of Induction

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