Saturday, July 31, 2010

Artibook - Travel Book

Sample pages. Would you buy this book? Considering publishing it "print on demand".

Artibooks - Plastic and multimedia

A sample of several books made in this style:

Artibooks Two - Letterpress

Keypunch cards and letterpress

Rag paper, satin and beading

Artibooks One - Letterpress

Letterpress on canvas and acrylic paint.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Show of 80s Works and Collection - 2010


Lecture and workshop Exploring Copier Art: August 28th and Sept 25th

Fluxus Performance on as part of the Inter-Florida Fluxus Tour on Sept 14th including: Keith Buchholz, Reid Wood, Reed Altemus, Bibiana Padilla Maltos and myself.

Works in the show are my books Blitzkunst, The Storefront, Copy Art Exhibition discussed previously in this blog. Included are several one-of-a-kind books I made using plastic sleeves with found objects. Also a few letterpress books from experiments I did using unconventional methods/materials, rubberstamp books I made in Europe, assemblings and mail art catalogs. Lots of artistamp works showing the use of the copiers to make stamps - from my Gina Lotta Artistamp Museum collection (see the blog). My computer copier pieces, and fruit series are amongst the prints selected by the curator. A whole case shows videophone prints made with students in my 80s computer graphics classes.

Included are selections of works from other artists from my archives. This is just part of many more items  in my Mail Art and book collection:
96 Tears
Andrew Hayes
Art Hakim
Barbara Cushman’s Color Xerox Calendars
Barbara Wyeth
Bill Wilson
Buster Cleveland
Buz Blurr
Daniel Cabanis
Emilio Morandi - Arte Studio
Eva Lake
Julia and György Galántai - Artpool
Henryk Gaweski
HR Fricker
Ian Teuty
John Udvardy
Jurgen Olbrich
Leland Fletcher
Liza Jane Norman
Madam X
Mario Lara
Michael Mintz
Pawel Petasz
Polly Esther Nation
Ray Johnson
Reed Altemus
Richard Kostelanetz
Ryouski Cohen
SAS Colby
Scarlatina Lust
Ulises Carrión
Vigo Marx
Vittore Baroni
William Gaglione

Also from the Jaffe's permanent collection:
Eugenia Balcells
John Armleder
Tom Ockerse
Judith A. Hoffberg
Lilian Bell
Michael Gibbs
Robert C. Morgan

A Book About Death - project created by Matthew Rose 2009 (not  80s but they really like this concept) has a whole case filled with the book.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rockola'd Image

Inter-Florida Fluxus Tour

Performance and events have held a large space in my personal art history and now is the time for a new venture.

You are invited to participate in a 4-day performance tour held in September throughout parts of Florida. Both new and original Fluxus scores will be performed and documented in this fun tour, starting north in St Petersburg and then heading east and south. Keith Buchholz, Reid Wood, Bibiana Maltos and Reed Altemus have enthusiastically signed on already. The itinerary:

9/11 - Artpool Gallery, Toy Storey mail art show opening organized by Jennifer K formerly Jennifer Z - 9:29 pm St Petersburg – contact her for details at

9/12 –Dali Museum St Petersburg and head to East Coast

9/13 –Kennedy Space Center – head down to Jupiter

9/14 –Burt Reynolds Museum - Jupiter

9/14 – Florida Atlantic University - Boca Raton Campus

And planning a DADA night venue - tba

Exit 9/15

FAU is very enthusiastic about the performance event there and it coincides with an exhibition of my 80’s work and a series of guest lectures (see more recent post)  If you would like to participate in this tour or part of it, please contact Ginny Lloyd at to sign on and for more info. If you want to check out past events I’ve organized see and

Saturday, July 3, 2010

JES Archives

I met Jesse Edwards at the Copy Art Exhibition when he purchased several pieces that were in the show (see info at Copy Art Exhibition). He was not what you would think of as far as art collectors go in that he was young, hip and knew a lot about local art in what many collectors and critics would consider "marginal" arts. He was a dead ringer for a Dennis Hopper look alike. Jesse knew what he liked and was a prolific buyer. A couple of his local favorites were S Clay Wilson (previous post Poetry - Comix - Comics ) and stencil artist Scott Williams. Before I left for Europe he asked me to call him when I returned.

I began working for a few hours a week as a consultant for Jesse, first setting up a database of artists and artworks and second introducing him to the artists I knew locally and internationally.  He introduced me to a few artists he had been collecting. I think Clay and I surprised him when he found out we knew each other since we weren't in what Jesse knew as the same art circles. When Clay said he's been to my house several times I think Jesse thought we were kidding. I advised Jesse on archival storage methods I had learned through photography. I encouraged him to give his collection a name and to have a business card at the minimal for giving out to the artists I was bringing in to meet him. Georgina designed a card and I suggested the list of names of who was included in the collection to be added to the back.

Later, for mailing purposes, Jesse wanted a postcard to send out. After seeing a set of postcards I had made using computerized photo booth images, Jesse selected the image in this well known card to go with his JES Archives information.

Because Jesse loves to know how things are made - the card was made from a photobooth image taken in Europe run through a video camera attached to a computer and dot matrix printer printout. Then resized on a copier, overlayed with Rubylith for the color separations made by hand, and printed full color. The background was Letrapress film screening and the text was a computer printout. This is a process made virtually obsolete by current computer graphic design capabilities. In its day it was an unusual image.

Jesse supported many Bay Area artists and promoted much of the art scene in the 80s. He helped InterDADA 84 artists by sponsoring the hostel. He and Georgina moved to southern California and opened a successful store on the Venice Beach boardwalk, selling Asian imported jewelry and wearable items. Years later they sold the store and now travel extensively.

I was always treated like a member of the extended family by Jesse and Georgina. We stay in touch today via the Internet. As far as where the collection is now I think Jesse is weighing several options. I'm grateful for having had the opportunity to make a contribution to the arts and helping many artists by introducing them in the early years to JES Archives.

Correspondence ART

This is a book I had the privilege of working on as a consultant to Carl Loeffler (publisher). This book was written by Michael Crane and Mary Stofflet. To begin with this was an amazing undertaking Mary and Michael took on and accomplished. In any book on Mail Art there is a mass of people and minimal documentation of some of the works and artists making it more time consuming than most books.


During the 80s I was working with making my own photo paper by painting emulsion onto rag paper for large prints (16 X 20 inches). From this I created a series of images of artists I would meet in my travels or who would come to San Francisco. I decided to supplement these with a questionnaire I would ask artists to fill out and found a publisher in Germany very interested in what had become a book. Below are excerpts from Blitzkunst:

Creative Camera

A book on creative useage of cameras wriiten by Nancy Howell-Koehler included the use of copiers as a camera. Included were pieces of my work as shown below: