Thursday, July 29, 2010

Show of 80s Works and Collection - 2010


Lecture and workshop Exploring Copier Art: August 28th and Sept 25th

Fluxus Performance on as part of the Inter-Florida Fluxus Tour on Sept 14th including: Keith Buchholz, Reid Wood, Reed Altemus, Bibiana Padilla Maltos and myself.

Works in the show are my books Blitzkunst, The Storefront, Copy Art Exhibition discussed previously in this blog. Included are several one-of-a-kind books I made using plastic sleeves with found objects. Also a few letterpress books from experiments I did using unconventional methods/materials, rubberstamp books I made in Europe, assemblings and mail art catalogs. Lots of artistamp works showing the use of the copiers to make stamps - from my Gina Lotta Artistamp Museum collection (see the blog). My computer copier pieces, and fruit series are amongst the prints selected by the curator. A whole case shows videophone prints made with students in my 80s computer graphics classes.

Included are selections of works from other artists from my archives. This is just part of many more items  in my Mail Art and book collection:
96 Tears
Andrew Hayes
Art Hakim
Barbara Cushman’s Color Xerox Calendars
Barbara Wyeth
Bill Wilson
Buster Cleveland
Buz Blurr
Daniel Cabanis
Emilio Morandi - Arte Studio
Eva Lake
Julia and György Galántai - Artpool
Henryk Gaweski
HR Fricker
Ian Teuty
John Udvardy
Jurgen Olbrich
Leland Fletcher
Liza Jane Norman
Madam X
Mario Lara
Michael Mintz
Pawel Petasz
Polly Esther Nation
Ray Johnson
Reed Altemus
Richard Kostelanetz
Ryouski Cohen
SAS Colby
Scarlatina Lust
Ulises Carrión
Vigo Marx
Vittore Baroni
William Gaglione

Also from the Jaffe's permanent collection:
Eugenia Balcells
John Armleder
Tom Ockerse
Judith A. Hoffberg
Lilian Bell
Michael Gibbs
Robert C. Morgan

A Book About Death - project created by Matthew Rose 2009 (not  80s but they really like this concept) has a whole case filled with the book.

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