Sunday, December 30, 2012

SFMOMA's Receipt of Delivery: Art in Space Launch ’84

A couple of my "art in space" projects from the 80's are featured in this San Francisco Museum of Modern Art's blog at Receipt of Delivery: Art in Space Launch ’84. Inter-DADA 84 is also given a little coverage.

There's lots more about these projects on this here blog. Or check out the links at the bottom of the SFMOMA blog. Honored to be the lead story within such good company.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

NY Art Book Fair 2012: Video Interview by Jennie Hinchcliff

Thanks to Red Letter Day aka Jennie Hinchcliff for providing this video. She made this to show to her book arts students. Google TropiChaCha Press to find out more about the books or contact Ginny directly.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Flash Meet of Artistampmakers

Left to right: Sinclair Scripa, Sticker Dude with guitar, Chuck Welch, Marilyn Rosenberg, Ginny Lloyd, Reed Altemus, Reid Wood, Jennie Hinchcliff, Mark Bloch, Antic Ham, and Champe meet at the NY Art Book Fair held at MOMA -PS1 Saturday, September 29, 2012.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

RELEASE: Performed by Allan Revich

The event was called "FluxUs-FluxYou" part of Fluxfest NY 2012, and it took place in the Westbeth Community Room Thursday, Sept. 27, 2012.This event was organized by Tamara Wyndham (

RELEASE score composed by Ginny Lloyd - blow energy you want to get rid of into a balloon, tie it off, and let it go while stepping on the balloon - as performed by Allan. Photos by Tamara.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NY Art Book Fair

TropiChaCha Press/Ginny Lloyd at the NY Art Book Fair. Find us at A19. Printed Matter puts this on at MOMA PS1. September 28–30, 2012  Preview: Thursday, September 27, 6–9 pm

NEW Artistamp Book

From the beginning of postage stamps, women have been honored in imagery. Today, women make their own artistamps, artist made stamps, using various types of images and styles. This book is about 30 female artists who represent the growing numbers of women working within the confines of the stamp format. Individual artistamp histories, including some of the techniques used, are revealed in the biographies accompanying the art. We hope to enlighten and encourage future generations of artists to make artistamps. Foreword by C. Mehrl Bennett.

The artists included are: Altschul, Antic-Ham, Banana, Baracchi, Bauwens, Bennett, Boschi, Cope, Cornyn-Selby, Davis, Dittberner, Hinchcliff, Kent, Lakner, Lamanova, Lloyd, Mailarta, Marlowe, Mary Anne, Nikoltsou, Patterson, Podob, Ronchetti, Rosenberg, Spathi, Stetser, Tavenner, TicTac, Wassink, and Weimer.

Purchase a copy at TropiChaCha Press Store either in print or downloadable.

For artistamp collectors there is a commemorative artistamp issue. Contact me for more about availability.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Art in Space 2012

Balloon Sends Art in Space click the link to the video to see it - reminds me so much of an 1984 Art in Space event on video I was part of creating.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Let's Make Copy Art - NEW Book

New workbook available for students who have attended my copy art lecture and workshop(s) in the past. It will also be available for students in upcoming workshops. Let's Make Copy Art details - English, 40 Pages, coil binding for easy note taking,dimensions (inches) 8.5 wide x 11 tall, black and white interior. Includes: brief history of copiers and copy art, step by step techniques, illustrations, lessons, and robust reference info. Students in my workshops can own a copy for $12 + shipping.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Public Art Project - organized by Gary Bibb

100 Installations by the artist and global associates. Take a look at the results  I submitted #13, 40, 67 and 97.  What am I talking about here? See the project.

"Much like the revolution Duchamp started with his concept of placing common non-art objects into a gallery context, therefore giving them a new aesthetic relevance; by taking two-dimensional abstract art out of accepted environments and placing it in a new context, the potential for an expanded aesthetic experience is presented to the audience."...more at:

Friday, March 2, 2012

NEW Score included in the book The Windy Scores: 2012

A new book to add to your collection of scores published by Pillowbook Press (Bibiana Maltos) includes scores by 36 artists in this compilation of Fluxus scores written to be presented in the Windy City, Chicago. The scores were performed among the activities at FluxFest Chicago 2012, a Fluxus Festival organized by artist Keith Buchholz.

Only 200 copies were printed and they are almost gone! $10 US or $15 international. First come, first served!

If you perform my included score (or any of my scores for that matter) send me your photo or video documentation and I will post it in this blog.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

FLUXUS @ Chicago Cultural Center

My works appear at 0:50. A quickie tour of the Fluxus section of the "Write Now: Artists and Letterforms" show at the Chicago Cultural Center. Fluxus work from over 160 artists as collected and curated by Keith Buchholz, in conjunction with Nathan Mason who curated the larger show.

Artistamp Becomes Chicago FluXfest Souvenir

Emergency INDEX 2011 Documents Screw Head Performance

I am happy to tell you that INDEX is printed and available. THE LAUNCH PARTY was on March 20th at The Kitchen in NYC. It featured performances and a videos of performances including Screw Head.

This year's Emergency INDEX documents 249 performances in over 500 pages, and includes a comprehensive index of terms. If yu want a copy of the book and more info go to

See the performance video with Altemus, McCarthy, and Campbell in the sidebar on this page.

Presented at Marginal Arts Festival - Roanoke, VA - Feb 2012

C. Meryl Bennett talks about marginal art and discusses my art.

She show cases some of my FluXus artistamp work.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

NEW Book - Billboard Art

Imagine driving down the Interstate or sitting in rush hour traffic and on the billboard 1,000 feet in front of you an op art image appears. Then images emerge with the words LOOK and FluXus. Next, you see twins on a beach, followed by an image of a shaggy blue dog smiling down on you. Billboard Art replaces boring ads and the expected for just a few moments, sometimes inserted between ads and at other times as a continuous stream of art. This book gives you a taste of the billboard art experience in your armchair, at your leisure, and at your command.

Contains: photography, visual poetry, copy art, Fluxus, Dada, contemporary art, conceptual art

Featured in the Classic Car Fun show at Jaffe Center for Book Arts! Arthur Jaffe's Classic Car Show at FAU Stadium on March 24, 2012. Lecture: "The Automobile & the History of Florida" at JCBA, Film screening: "Tucker: The Man & His Dream" at JCBA. Vroom Vroom!.

Purchase here!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Book Release - Photobooth Performances

What happens when more than 55 international artists perform within the confines of a photobooth? The results: Fluxus, humor, Dada, statements, jokes, and performance photos some dialog with b and w plus color imagery. 68 pages; 6x9 inches; paperback; includes A Brief Photobooth History by Mark Bloch.

@$21.60 reduced from $24 through Feb 7th and free ground shipping using code WHOASHIPPING through Jan 31st. Downloadable available too. Buy as many at this price that you want. Don't forget to rate for better exposure! 

Go to TropiChaCha Press Store

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Review of Asemics by De Villo Sloan

ASEMICS 16 GREATEST HITS (Vol. 3) Lloyd (USA), Nikoltsou (Greece), Pesetskaya (Russian Federation), Jones (USA)

January 24, 2012 - My retrospective series of articles on the Asemics 16 collaborative book project that was headquartered here at the IUOMA will end with this third volume of selections; otherwise,  I risk becoming lost in incredible work by the nearly 70 artists who participated. We have an exciting new visual poetry book in production that also deserves close attention.

Ginny Lloyd is a well-known Fluxus artist. Project Co-coordinator Cheryl Penn (South Africa) and I were thrilled when she signed on to contribute a chapter to Edition #3. Ginny Lloyd's finely produced and digitally composed chapter has been blogged and documented by others. Personally, I am not sure it has received as much attention as it deserves. These are beautiful and provocative asemics.

While the means of production she used expresses the digital age in comparison to earlier visual and concrete poetry that was an expression of the industrial era, I think Ginny Lloyd's work fulfills the vision of organic structures (literally) in asemic writing and explores the concept of biopoetry, avoiding well "exercises in formalism." For instance, I think it is wonderfully creative, and it might strike some as a bit of humor, that teeth are used for asemic characters (top scan, right side). And teeth do have an undeniable and key role in spoken language. Here is another two-page spread from Ginny Llloyd's chapter: 

For me, each page of the chapter holds new wonder, an unexpected possibility for asemics. While some of the pages evoke scientific or medical images (an anti-art aesthetic?) the organic qualities are very pronounced. The melding symbols (above left) are a prime example - it is not hard to see why so many visual poets are also making videos; these forms want to move. These next pages, far more subtle, are my personal favorites:

These are pages that will please the Symbolist School of Subtle Aesthetic Obscurity. The right-hand page is particularly subtle and complex; indeed, the amazing use of color is hard to capture in a scan. I believe these pages would satisfy even the most "asemically correct" purist.

Many, many thanks to Ginny Lloyd for this incredible chapter and for her involvement in Asemics 16. Check out her artistamps blog and other projects.

(To  read the full review go to the link provided at the top of the article.)

Ex Libris Show at Davidson Galleries in Seattle

Monday, January 2, 2012

SNAP TO GRID December 2011 Exhibit

Los Angeles Center For Digital Art (LACDA) is located in the Gallery Row area of downtown Los Angeles, CA

The show represents a snapshot of a current moment in art history when digital imaging has reached the hands of the many, an age where culture belongs to the "mobblogers" around the globe. From Thailand to Texas, amateur to academic, beautiful to banal and beyond the monumental quantity and variety of "Snap to Grid" becomes an aesthetic experience where each individual piece adds to an agglomerative effect that has a life of its own.