Saturday, February 18, 2012

NEW Book - Billboard Art

Imagine driving down the Interstate or sitting in rush hour traffic and on the billboard 1,000 feet in front of you an op art image appears. Then images emerge with the words LOOK and FluXus. Next, you see twins on a beach, followed by an image of a shaggy blue dog smiling down on you. Billboard Art replaces boring ads and the expected for just a few moments, sometimes inserted between ads and at other times as a continuous stream of art. This book gives you a taste of the billboard art experience in your armchair, at your leisure, and at your command.

Contains: photography, visual poetry, copy art, Fluxus, Dada, contemporary art, conceptual art

Featured in the Classic Car Fun show at Jaffe Center for Book Arts! Arthur Jaffe's Classic Car Show at FAU Stadium on March 24, 2012. Lecture: "The Automobile & the History of Florida" at JCBA, Film screening: "Tucker: The Man & His Dream" at JCBA. Vroom Vroom!.

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