Friday, February 25, 2011

Artists Participate in Discovery Ride

Yesterday was an important milestone in art and in my own participation in NASA’s space program with the launch of the last manned shuttle Discovery heading to the Space Station. A reproduction of my work is included with a group of international artists aboard Space Mission STS-133 which departed the NASA Kennedy Space Centre at 4:50 pm EST.

A recent project was created by Gary A. Bibb, in collaboration with Cecil Touchon.  Fluxface in Space documents the entries by 127 artists from 26 nations to NASA’s public program whereas you could submit a photo and your name to be added to a microchip going along for the ride to the Space Station.

This wasn't my first participation with art in space but one of many "performances" on the theme - go to June 2010 entries in this blog to see more about past activities. 

Last September I arranged for a group of Fluxus artists to visit Kennedy Space Center, performing throughout the day. See the blog Inter-Florida FLUXUS Tour  for full documentation of the tour. During this tour we exhibited (and almost lost in weightlessness) a copy of the Fluxface in Space project.

Click here to see more about Fluxface in Space.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Chicago Fluxfest - My Participation Was in Abstentia

The "official" poster design.

Melissa McCarthy did "Bundle Up" performance score dedicated to me - wrapping up in layers of clothes to keep warm because of my thin Florida blood.

 This actually looks pretty close to what I look like when the temps dip down into the 40s here.