Thursday, November 9, 2017

Club 57 Catalog

Amy Chaiklin has done a good job keeping us informed. Thanks Amy!

The 1982 feminist group exhibition of all female artists is now documented and published in a museum exhibition catalog, Club 57 and the Short, Happy Life of the East Village Art Scene written by Laura Hoptman, MoMA Curator of Painting and Sculpture.

This exhibit has made Art History! 

 Also some additional people you may know exhibited there: Carlo Pittore, Buster Cleveland, john EvAns, Sur, and Brian Doherty. Mark Bloch got mentions too. Mark says its a very interesting show.


Art History! MoMA Curator Ron Magliozzi writes in his catalogue essay:

Art is What you Make it: Club 57 and the Downtown Scene, "Homemade zines and copy art proved among the most useful and accessible mediums of choice on the downtown scene, and exhibitions such as Watch These Girls: 19 Women Who Do Copy Art (October 14, 1982), curated by Amy Chaiklin, confirmed that women had taken the lead in shaping the medium's creative uses.".

MoMA Club 57 : Film, Performance, and Art in the East Village 1978-1983 Exhibition Catalog Page 16.

Image: Orginal poster for “Watch These Girls : 19 Women Who Do Copy Art”, offset print, 22 x 18 inches, 1982

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