Sunday, June 20, 2010

Poetry - Comix - Comics

This is a cover for Steve Abbot's book with my photos.

In my very early years in San Francisco, Steve and I were roommates in a house located on a hill in Noe Valley. Steve was editor of Poetry Flash at the time and it was through him I met many of the Beat poets and neo-Beats as well. He (not me - I didn't know anyone yet) would have weekend parties at the house and the group would have impromptu  "open mike" sessions in the kitchen or try out new works for feedback with Andrew Hayes and Jeffrey Cook amongst the group. Also on a regular basis S Clay Wilson (he grew up with Steve) and other comix artists would be there. Several stand-up comics, like Sinbad and Robin Williams, would show up as the parties progressed - you can imagine what a great time the parties would become.

I created illustrations for several issues of Steve's SOUP magazine - both covers and inside pages.

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